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I am a designer, lecturer and researcher, exploring ways to communicate, not only to inform but to generate public engagement as well. In the last few years, I have been expanding my work on gamified mobile applications and science, and developing design tools to evaluate their impact on people's motivation and engagement with the ocean.

My present work aims to bridge marine science and design through technology. I investigate more effective communication tools which can convey anthropogenic climate change impacts on marine systems in a way that matters to the people and consequently fosters pro-environmental behaviours.

Rui Leitão

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A systematic evaluation of game elements effects on students' motivation

How game elements affect the different motivation layers.

Ocean Literacy Gamified: A systematic evaluation of the effect of game elements on students' learning experience

How different game features affected the participants’ learning experience and learning outcomes.

Game-Based Learning: Augmented Reality in the Teaching of Geometric Solids

How interaction design can impact student learning.

Ocean Literacy and information sources

Comparison between pupils in Portugal and the UK.

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School of Design, University of Leeds

CIIMAR, Centre of Marine and Environmental Research