2nd Meeting on Digital Media Research Methods

This meeting was dedicated to evaluating and discussing methods for studying and analyzing new media. New (digital) media have come to dominate social interaction and everyday life. While the first decade of the 21st century was still centered on web sites, the second decade seems to be all about social interactions, social networking and its importance in everyday life practices. Consequently, this new focus raised several questions concerning research strategies.
As with all the early conceptual phases, the design process was characterized as a combination of structures and elements in a trial-and-error process. Consequently, the procedural model is regarded as an iterative process.
In parallel with the presentation of different methodological approaches, the project intended to bring together Ph.D. digital media researchers in a space that could facilitate the discussion.


1. Design process

Several communication tools were developed for the conference. As a main media were developed a webpage and wall posters. The development process of 'mocking up' the website started with sketches and with the corresponding identification of the main features.


2. Webpage screen


3. Poster

Project Details

Wed design, graphic design
Rui Leitao
Universidade do Porto
UT Austin